How the NHL is changing the way it looks at the aging of the game

NHL teams have begun using a system that will help them determine whether they need to make roster cuts before the season starts, and it’s already looking like it’s working.In some cases, it’s been a welcome change.The Los Angeles Kings have announced that they will be reducing their roster by three players in 2018-19.The team…

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NHL teams have begun using a system that will help them determine whether they need to make roster cuts before the season starts, and it’s already looking like it’s working.

In some cases, it’s been a welcome change.

The Los Angeles Kings have announced that they will be reducing their roster by three players in 2018-19.

The team will also be looking to trade veteran center Matt Duchene for picks and prospects, and they’ll have to cut down on veteran defenseman Drew Doughty.

But the changes are likely to be a temporary solution.

The Kings are not just trying to cut ties with veterans that they’ve relied on to play through injuries for years.

The plan is to replace them with younger players who have more experience and can be used as depth on the roster.

In other words, the Kings have to decide whether to use their roster cap space to replace aging players with younger ones.

That means the NHL needs to address a problem that has been on the NHL horizon for a while now: the aging game.

There is no one perfect solution to this problem.

A roster can be depleted by a number of different factors, including injuries, trade acquisitions, the salary cap, and players leaving the NHL for other reasons.

But the reality is that the aging is not inevitable.

The NHL is in the middle of an era of parity that will only increase as the NHL becomes more competitive.

In an era where teams are more inclined to sign free agents, the league is more willing to spend money to keep its young players around.

The problem for teams like the Kings is that they need younger players to fill in for those who leave.

In addition to the salary reduction, the team is also likely to start a small-market expansion in 2019-20 that will have a major impact on their revenue streams.

That’s where the expansion draft comes in.

The draft is a very powerful tool for a team to identify talent that they believe will help in the near future.

It is also one of the few times that the league has used it in a meaningful way.

In fact, since the first round of the expansion season in 1997, the NHL has used the draft to select players from every team in the league.

It has also used it to select talent in the expansion drafts of each of the last four drafts.

And it is a particularly powerful tool when it comes to finding young talent.

In the past, the most productive players on the league’s top-10 draft picks were from the NHL’s Western Conference.

Those players included Sidney Crosby, Ryan Getzlaf, and Patrick Kane.

Now, they include Connor McDavid and Jakob Silfverberg.

It’s no surprise that the top two selections in the draft are the same two players who will be part of the Kings’ roster this season.

The first thing that comes to mind is how quickly the Kings will be able to acquire these players.

There are only a handful of players who could be considered top-three draft picks in the NHL this year, so they are likely not going to come cheap.

There is also the fact that the draft is usually the last thing teams are likely in the market for.

In addition, a number to consider when evaluating a team’s potential expansion draft picks is that teams can only use a maximum of seven picks.

That means that teams who are willing to give up a first-round pick to acquire a player will likely be able use a second-round selection to acquire another player.

The Kings have already taken a number in the fourth round of this year’s draft, which is probably not a great value for the team to take at the moment.

The second thing that is worth considering when evaluating expansion draft prospects is the possibility that teams may take a player in the first or second round and use it to acquire picks later in the next draft.

For example, if a team is looking to acquire an offensive defenseman or a goaltender in the later rounds of the draft, it may be wise to look to add a player like a defenseman.

The risk here is that you risk losing your first round pick, but if you manage to acquire that player in a later round, it could be worth it.

Another way that the Kings could potentially use their expansion draft pick is to draft players from the same conference as the Kings.

The Colorado Avalanche, for example, drafted two of their top prospects in the 2017 draft, defenseman Ryan O’Reilly and goaltender Gabriel Landeskog.

The same could be said for the Minnesota Wild.

These are all very possible scenarios.

In each of these scenarios, the risk is that a team might not be able afford to take a risk on a player who could potentially end up being their No. 1 center, so that team would probably instead take a defenseman or goaltender who might be their No, 2 center.

If the Kings are looking to improve their team’s roster through a trade or expansion draft,

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