How to Buy the #1 Superhero Role in 2016

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with superheroes, and we all know who the greatest is: Iron Man.So, how does a man who’s had to wear a mask for his entire life manage to look so good in a mask?Well, we asked our friends at Nerd Fitness to help us with the process of getting…

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with superheroes, and we all know who the greatest is: Iron Man.

So, how does a man who’s had to wear a mask for his entire life manage to look so good in a mask?

Well, we asked our friends at Nerd Fitness to help us with the process of getting the best possible look in our costumes.

First, they combed through Marvel’s official costumes and made sure they had the right size.

Second, they found a model.

They used the model’s measurements to create a mockup of their hero, and they were able to recreate their favorite part of Iron Man’s mask.

Then, they went to the Marvel Store, picked out a few of the best suits available, and began the painstaking process of figuring out the perfect look for Iron Man himself.

Check out the top tips from Nerd Fitness on how to get the perfect Iron Man mask, plus how to find the best mask on sale today.


Find a Model Iron Man is a pretty iconic character.

It’s a part of the MCU, and a lot of actors are fans of his designs.

Nerd Fitness’s Nerd Fitness Model guide for the Avengers, for instance, features a list of over 30 actors who wear Iron Man suits.

They found a couple of models online, but Nerd Fitness had to go further to find a guy who was really good at what he did.

“We searched out a guy that was really strong, really fast, and could do really long sets,” said Nerd Fitness.

They ended up picking up a model with a 6-foot-1, 180-pound frame and a perfect combination of height and weight.

“He could jump really high and move really fast and jump really well,” said the model.

“When he was doing the stunts in the movies, he would have really short sets.”

Nerd Fitness was able to get a few different models, but the best ones ended up being the ones that didn’t have to wear masks.

“The best guys were the ones who had to be in a suit,” said Reed.

“I wanted the guys that could do the stunts.”

Nerd Fit’s model ended up looking a lot like the Iron Man from Iron Man 2.

Reed said he got the model with the best posture and the most height.

“His chest is pretty big,” said his model.

Reed had to find some way to get him the right proportions for his head, which had to stay in place.

“If he was taller, it would’ve been harder,” he said.

“But he was very, very good.”

“I just wanted to make sure he had enough height to look like the best actor in the movie,” Reed said.

Nerd Fit had to work fast to get their model, who looked like a guy he had seen in an Iron Man movie.

He got his hands on a pair of mask sleeves.

They were about an inch long, and Reed had no idea how to sew them on.

The mask sleeves were then stitched onto his torso.

They worked like magic, and the model ended with a mask that looked like the film’s hero.

Reed found a tailor to make the mask, but he also had to cut off the sleeves for a custom fit.

Reed went through several iterations of his model, trying different designs and making sure he was able the right way.

“It was tough to make a good mask,” said Iron Man model Matt Henshaw.

“You just have to be creative.”

But the final mask fit Reed and the Nerd Fitness model perfectly.

The Nerd Fitness guy was able get the right shape and fit.

The nerd looked like Iron Man in his Iron Man suit, but Reed’s model looked like he could easily take on a bad guy.


Pick Out the Right Suit Iron Man was originally a military officer, but his suit is a lot more than just the uniform.

His suit is made up of the same pieces as Iron Man, but it’s made from some advanced material that makes it more resistant to the elements.

Nerd Flex’s model had to have a suit made specifically for him.

The suit has a protective helmet and protective sleeves, but they were a little too big.

Nerd Fits team tried to make it as lightweight as possible.

“For a guy like me, you can wear anything you want on a superhero suit,” Reed told us.

“A lot of the guys who wear suit jackets have to do it with a suit.”

Reed’s Nerd Flex model ended at a suit that fit his exact height.

He ended up wearing the suit that was made for him, but that suit is much heavier than he needed.

“That suit is definitely going to be the most heavy-duty suit that we have ever made,” Reed admitted.

“Every time we go out, we have to take a big load off.”

Reed found some more weights that would give him the strength to get through the stunts.

“As soon as you’re on a set, it

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