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When it comes to your favourite tobaccos, where do you shop and when do you buy?

When it’s a family-owned and operated business, buying from one of your friends can often mean that you’ll have a better experience than someone else, especially if you can shop online.However, it’s worth remembering that you’re buying a product that you know you like.If you’re going to go out for a drink, or go to…

Why do tobacco retailers charge higher prices?

Consumers can buy tobacco products from online retailers, but tobacco retailers don’t charge the same prices as cigarette and cigar makers do, a study shows.It comes as tobacco companies are set to launch a new model of tobacco retailing.The University of Oxford, which carried out the study, said tobacco retailers and the industry in general…

Why I don’t smoke anymore

I don´t smoke.I don�t need to.And the only reason I donít is because I donât care about the smoke.Because I know that it would not only help me live a more productive life, but also it would help people around me to quit.Thats the real reason I quit.And as long as I can, I will.

Tobacco addiction: Where to start and how to quit

A man who quit smoking and started smoking again has quit tobacco for three decades.The first tobacco addiction I had was from the age of five, but it’s not uncommon for people to have as many as 20 to 30 years of tobacco addiction.There are some people who have smoked for their whole life and…

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