Rosemary in a jar of white wine: why do so many do it? Here is the motivation. After reading this article we are sure that you will try this system too.

We suggest you try, as many other people are doing, dipping a sprig of rosemary in a jar containing white wine . Why should you do it too? Continue reading to find out: you will be speechless.


Rosmarinus officinalis , also known simply as rosemary , is a plant with very ancient origins that still grows particularly well today in rocky soils and in the Mediterranean areas.

Rosemary leavesIn the past, the ancient Romans and Greeks used the sprigs of this plant to celebrate memory, love, life and death . A Spanish legend tells that its overwhelming, strong and intense aroma is able to ward off negative vibrations or even chase away the evil eye.

Rosemary is now used both in cooking and for the creation of some recipes which are useful for treating various types of ailments. Natural digestive , you can make herbal teas capable of restoring the intestinal bacterial flora or to relieve muscle pain and headaches.

Do you know that even in the cosmetic world this plant is considered almost miraculous? From it we obtain an essential oil used to make soaps, shampoos and shower gels which help stimulate blood circulation.

Today, however, we want to reveal to you why many people are immersing rosemary in a jar full of white wine. Here’s the reason why you should do it too.

Why should you also try immersing rosemary in a jar full of white wine ? The reason is easy to tell.

Rosemary in a jar of white wine

It will take you very little time to put this system into practice which will prove very useful for your health . You only need to get a few sprigs of rosemary – alternatively 30 grams of dried leaves of the plant – a rather large jar and 500 ml of white wine.

Immerse the sprigs of this aromatic plant in the jar into which you will pour the white wine. Close it hermetically with its cap and leave it in a dry and cool place for at least seven days so that the properties of the rosemary blend with those of the wine.

Every day remember to shake the jar . After a week, filter the wine into a bottle and put the rosemary sprigs away. All you have to do is drink a small glass of this solution twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Are you wondering why you should do this? We’ll explain it to you right away. The combined properties of vine and rosemary allow you to purify the body, regulate blood circulation and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Fit with rosemary and white wine

In winter, this liquid will truly be a panacea, capable of warming cold hands and feet . The active ingredients contained in rosemary leaves prevent the formation of blood clots and consequently protect the heart . The active ingredients contained in the vine are able to alleviate some disorders such as drowsiness, tiredness and lack of concentration.

With this solution you also strengthen the immune system and also treat some ailments such as rheumatism and digestive problems. If you then suffer from bloating and meteorism , a small glass of this solution after meals will act as a natural digestive . Here’s why you should try this technique: so you can say goodbye to many annoying ailments.